How will you use your desktop?
You'll need a basic understanding of the components and features in order to make an informed buying choice. But first, let's go over some important things to think about as you look for your ideal desktop. Light use: Surfing the Web, paying bills online, e-mail and social networking, organizing and sharing digital photos Average use: Storing and streaming music and movies, tasks like spreadsheet and document creation Demanding use: Serious gaming, sophisticated graphics and photo editing, video production, high-resolution multitrack audio recording More demanding users will want to invest a bit more in a faster processor, more system memory, and a larger hard drive — and a higher resolution screen for an all-in-one.

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Where will you keep it?

If your new computer will live in an isolated location like a dedicated home office, a traditional desktop may be ideal. If, however, your computer will be in a more centralized location for family use, a compact desktop or stylish all-in-one PC may be more suitable. Consider a portable all-in-one or smart display if you want the option to take it places.

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