Look for people with similar body shapes and sizes and see what they’re wearing
Become a keen people observer while you’re out and about doing business or running errands. When you see a woman who looks to be your size and build for the first time, where do your eyes initially go? Try to figure out why. What is she wearing that draws your attention? Sometimes you can pick up the best clothing tips just by seeing what works and what doesn’t work by looking at other people who have your body qualities. And, if you already have an idea of the style that may work best for your shape and size, you can save yourself tons of time in the dressing room putting on and taking off clothes that clearly aren’t going to do you any favors.

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Go shopping after you get your hair and/or nails done

When you feel good about yourself it’s much easier to find clothes you like because you’re happy with what you see when you look in the mirror. So, if you’ve just went through some sort of beautification process, such as getting your hair or nails done, that makes it a perfect time to try on some new clothes. Imagine yourself as a super model who is getting ready for a photo shoot. You just left hair and makeup and now you’re just trying to find something really great to wear. It’s really just a state of mind, but if it helps then you should use it to your advantage.

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