What kind of insurance does your small business require
From determining what type of insurance you are legally required to have to ensuring that you have the minimum level of cover, can help navigate you around the pitfalls. Thankfully, choosing the correct insurance products to suit your company's needs is actually quite straightforward and largely depends on what type of business you operate, how large it is and what sort of assets you need to protect.

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Who needs it?

Regardless of what your company does, every business in the United Kingdom that employs one member of staff or more is required by law to have an active Employers' Liability Insurance policy in place according to the Employers' Liability Insurance Act 1969. This insurance covers the business in the event that an employee who is injured at work or who become ill as a result of their work for the company makes a claim from compensation. Certain types of businesses - government departments and non-limited family businesses, for example - are exempt but all other companies must comply with the legislation.

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